Contact sparring at Shi-Gan Mayfield
Endurance kickbag training at Shi-Gan Mayfield
Group contact sparring at Shi-Gan Mayfield
Resistance training at Shi-Gan Mayfield
Group boxing training at Shi-Gan Mayfield

Address: St Columban’s Primary School Hall -
Church St Mayfield

Instructor: Paul Corbett - 7th dan Master Instructor

Class Times: Mon & Thurs 6pm - 7:30pm

Phone: 0418 544 536


Shigan Martial Arts Mayfield focuses on a traditional Taekwondo, Kick boxing, Traditional boxing and a wide range of Jujitsu style training techniques developed over 35years of multi-disciplined martial arts training. Our classes cater for both children and adults, male and female with an emphasis on fun and fitness.

The self-defence skills that you will obtain with our martial arts will become life skills that will enhance your self-discipline, confidence and overall wellbeing. The Mayfield centre is situated in the grounds of St Columban’s Primary school where we are centrally located to business and residential areas. Classes start at 6pm, so they are ideal for after school or work where you can train on your own or as a family.

Challenge yourself today and discover just what you are capable of. We pride ourselves on being family friendly with an encouraging and nurturing environment.