Kickbag training at Shi-Gan Waratah with halo effect
Kickbag training at Shi-Gan Waratah
Youth technique training at Shi-Gan Waratah
Black belt technique training at Shi-Gan Waratah

Address: Waratah Public School -
Lambton Rd Waratah

Instructor: Maureen Thomas - 4th dan Senior Instructor

Class Times: Mon & Wed 6pm - 7:15pm

Phone: 0418 262 833


Shigan Martial Arts Waratah focuses on a traditional taekwondo background, with emphasis on fitness, flexibility and self-defence. It is suitable for both children and adults, male and female. You develop in fitness and ability in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Our self-defence techniques come from a range of martial arts, and are suitable for everyone. Situated in the grounds of Waratah Primary School, we are central to business and residential areas. Classes start at 6pm, so are ideal for after school or work. Train on your own or as a family.

Shigan Martial Arts helps you grow in confidence in all aspects of life. Let us help you to discover just what you are capable of achieving.